The reconquest/ reliberation of Kosovo in 1945

Film: Yugoslavia in the Second World War – SELIDBA
This film discusses, amongst other things, why the military administrations in Kosovo, Backa and Banat were introduced.
Director: Milan Kundaković
Radio-Television of Serbia

Interview with Shaban Pajaziti who survived the Tivar/Bar massacre.

Boro i Ramiz
Two friends, Boro a Montenegrin and Ramiz an Albanian, both members of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia and the Partisans, who were captured and killed together by Italian forces with Balli Kombëtar in 1943. They refused to be separated and were executed holding each other near Landovica
Boro-i-Ramiz (1)
Front page of the Federation of the People’s Republic of Yugoslavia’s Official Gazette publishes the prohibition of Serbs‘ return to Kosovo in 1945
Partisans in the Leposavic area
1943 The Bujan Resolution